An important message from Charles Hinnant, President, Charkit Chemical Corporation

On behalf of the people at Charkit Chemical Corporation, first and foremost, we want to express gratitude to our long-term customers as well as our newer partners. After 30 years in business, this is the perfect time to thank you for the confidence you have placed in us. Today we are working together in a complex national and global business environment that is having its impact on every industry, affecting the way we conduct business and formulate the strategies to ensure continued success.

Although much has changed during the time we’ve been in business, Charkit’s culture is accustomed to summoning creative and innovative responsiveness to outside forces. Indeed, our willingness to change with worldwide events and ever-expanding technologies has been key to our remarkable advancement and expanding capabilities. It is that willingness that secures your ongoing access to the high performing components you need when you need them.

In this regard, I want to point out that it is Charkit’s steadfast relationships with a vast range of global suppliers that enable us, in spite of market forces, to consistently provide quality products from the most reliable sources. With the needs of our customers uppermost in our minds, we are committed to the process of always identifying new opportunities that will result in favorable business conditions for you, ensuring the steady supplies of product that are essential to your productivity.

Our successful and dependable partnership relationships extend to customers the world over, well beyond North America. To international manufacturers who are looking for a presence in North America, I invite and encourage you to turn to Charkit if your goal is to successfully compete in the dynamic global marketplace.

One of the ways we have made it easier for you to work with us is by enhancing this website. Even if you have previously spent time in our site, I ask that you view it again and take advantage of the new functionality the site offers, including a searchable product database, online price quote requests and downloadable SDS and data sheets. I also invite you to contact us with questions and comments about what you find on our website, and I welcome any suggestions you may have about how we can further enhance its usefulness to better serve your needs.

Our mutual concerns for the present national and worldwide business economies have not compromised our concerns for social responsibility. You can be certain that we firmly adhere to the mandates stipulated by NACD and SOCMA. As former Chairman of the Board of Governors and now, as a member of SOCMA, I continue my support and interest in promoting and maintaining high industry standards and to do all that can be done to develop and improve every segment of the chemical industry. The current climate makes this concern all the more crucial, as SOCMA evaluates and influences the passage of national laws and regulations that will allow us to operate effectively while continuing to be good corporate citizens.

On behalf of Charkit Chemical Corporation, I cannot overstate how much we appreciate the confidence that our long term and more recent customers have placed in us. Nor can I more enthusiastically express our thanks to those of you who are considering joining the ranks of our valued customers.

Charles Hinnant
Charles Hinnant

Charkit Chemical Corporation